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What is the significance of the liver? What are the types of liver transplant?

What is the significance of the liver? What are the types of liver transplant?

Unlike kidneys, we do not have two livers, that if one is damaged we can survive with the help of the other. We have one liver which we are mandatory to msustenate with oyur healthy habiots. No doubt, not only the liver is accountable for the healthy functioning of the body. But the other organs of the body are not that delicate as the liver is. Liver doctors in Punjab have issued many instructions which help to maintain a healthy liver. No doubt, after maintaining a considerably healthy lifestyle, one is able to encounter many of the kidney ailments. In those situations, you are advised to visit the best liver hospital in Ludhiana.

  • Predominant functions of the lIver

Liver is the only organ of the body which brings about the proteins which are essential for many of the purposes.

  • No doubt, we eat less on some days & more on some other say. Because of that , the scarcity is evident to be found related to the nutrients. But to prevent the scarcity, the liver facilitates the storage of nutrients which it discharges whenever our body is running short of these nutritional elements.
  • Bile juice, as we all know, is accountable for making the food digestible. What if the liver gets damaged? It will not be able to generate bile juice, thus the food which we eat will become poison in our body. So here we can recognize the significance of a healthy liver.
  • The energy which we require to carry out many daily activities is brought about when the liver produces energy from the eaten food.
  • The food does not essentially contain the nutrients and healthy contents only. The food may contain some harmful toxins also which are needed to be eliminated when the assimilation process is taken up.


  • Liver transplant

Sometimes owing to many factorial conditions, the liver may start functioning in an adverse way. Since there is an option that doctors can treat it with variegated medications and therapies. But if the liver is not responding to any of the treatment options performed on the liver, then the liver has to be revitalised in some way. For that there is a last option which we know by the name of Liver transplant.

  • Types

Liver transplant is customarily of 3 types

  • Orthotopic transplant

In this transplantation procedure, the liver of a dead person is used as the donor liver.

  • A living donor transplant

In this modus operandi, an alive person is operated on whose liver lobe extridicating procedure is performed. The lobe can be either right or left.

  • Split type of liver transplant

This kind of strategy aims at restoring the healthy liver in two patients. The connotation of this procedure is that only one donor liver will save the lives of two liver-distressed patients.

Final Thoughts

Without a proper functioning liver, we would not be able survive in the world. So for this reason medical science has invented a liver transplantation procedure which has given second life to many liver-oppressed patients.


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