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Development & Behavioral Paediatrics

Development & Behavioral Paediatrics

If at any stage in your child’s growth you feel they are showing late signs of development or developmental delay, or behavior difficulties, you must try to figure out the reason. Under various circumstances, a parent might not get the reason for such delays, they must consult a child specialist doctor in Punjab to deal with such issues. In some cases, the doctor refers you to a specialist who focuses on these types of issues. These specialists are known as developmental-behavioral pediatricians. These doctors are well-trained and have expertise in training developmental and behavioral changes.

What do the developmental-behavioral pediatricians do?

One of the main roles of developmental-behavioral pediatricians is the evaluation of the kids who aren’t developing, learning, or behaving the way their peers should. Most of the kids are referred through the regular doctors. Here are some of the evaluation factors one must seek as a behavioral pediatrician.

  • Delay in the development of speech, language, or any motor skills
  • Mental health issues like Anxiety
  • Autism
  • Performance issue
  • Learning various differences like dyslexia

What evaluation process is followed by a developmental-Behavioral pediatrician?

There are a lot of events one will follow as a part of the development-behavioral pediatrician.

These may include:

  • A detailed history of the child is taken
  • Performing medical exam
  • Observation of the child
  • Seeking feedback from the teachers at your child’s school or daycare.

You might want to get your child evaluated by other doctors as well. These may further include occupational therapists. After all the information, the doctor will look into the diagnosis. The diagnosis might not be clear in one go but with steady observations, the child specialist might see your child periodically to monitor the development.

What happens after the diagnosis is performed?

The developmental-behavioral pediatrician might still want to treat your child. there is a possibility of recommendation to another specialist as well. Here are some other ways they might adopt.

  • Prescription of medication if the child has an issue of anxiety.
  • Understanding and accessing the reasons behind the behavior of your child.
  • Recommendations of various accommodations as well as therapies after school.

How will you get the issues of your child answered?

If you think your child is suffering from developmental delay, you must contact Child specialists in Punjab, who can help resolve these issues. Girn Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Punjab for treating children with Development Behavioral issues. Dr Niraj Thapar, a well-renowned Consultant Pediatrician who deals with such issues.

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