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Fatty Liver

What is fatty liver infection?

Your liver being the biggest organ inside your body helps in performing various vital functions. It assists your body with processing food, storing energy, and eliminating toxic elements. However, it is prone to many illnesses. One of them is Fatty liver. It is an infection wherein fat develops in your liver. There are two kinds of Fatty liver infection: Non-Alcoholic Infection and Alcoholic Infection.

Non-Alcoholic Fatty liver infection

It is a sort of fatty liver infection that isn’t connected with excessive alcohol consumption.

There are two kinds of Non Alcoholic Fatty liver infection:

  1. Simple Fatty liver infection
  2. Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis

What is an alcoholic fatty liver infection?

Alcoholic fatty liver infection is because of heavy liquor use. The liver separates a large portion of the liquor you drink, so it tends to be taken out from your body. These substances can harm liver cells, advance irritation, and debilitate your body’s normal safeguards.

What are the side effects of the fatty liver infection?

Both NAFLD and alcoholic fatty liver infections are normally infections with few or no side effects. If you face some side effects, you might feel tired or have distress in the upper right half of your midsection.

What are the medicines for fatty liver infection?

Specialists suggest weight reduction for non-alcoholic fatty liver. Weight reduction can diminish fat in the liver, aggravation, and fibrosis. Assuming your doctor feels that a specific medication is a reason for your NAFLD, you ought to quit taking that medication. Yet, check with your liver treatment specialist prior to halting the medication. You might have to get off the medication steadily, and you could have to change to one more medication all things considered.

What are the best places to get treatment for Fatty liver infection?

If you are looking for the best liver specialist to cure Fatty liver infection, you can visit Girn Hospital, the best liver treatment hospital in Punjab. Consult the doctor to know more about the process of liver infection treatment.

Our Doctors

Dr. H R S Girn

Dr. H R S Girn

Liver Transplant and Surgical Gastroenterologist
Dr. Zeenie Sarda - Girn

Dr. Zeenie Sarda Girn

Senior Consultant Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Dr. Niraj Thapar-Paediatrician

Dr. Niraj Thapar

Consultant Pediatrician
Gurpreet SinghGurpreet Singh
09:47 16 Oct 21
I got liver treatment ,it makes my life pain free. All thanks to the doctor who provides good quality treatment at a low price.
09:32 16 Oct 21
Best liver hospital in Ludhiana. My sister got successful jaundice treatment. Faculty is highly trained and cooperative. Thankyou!!
Aysha BhatiaAysha Bhatia
09:00 16 Oct 21
This is the best hospital for liver treatments. I was suffering from Jaundice and got successful treatment from Dr. Girn. I will recommend everyone to reach there. Whole staff and doctor are highly expert and supportive. Thanks a lot.
Yuvi SethiYuvi Sethi
08:43 16 Oct 21
Girn Hospital is the best liver hospital in Ludhiana. the treatment i received for cirrhosis was very effective. thanks to the great doctors who assisted me.
Jayshri SharmilaJayshri Sharmila
08:43 16 Oct 21
Ultimate hospital for liver illness treatments! Doctors and staff members are very friendly. Provided me the best treatment and care.

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