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High-Risk Obstetric Care

High-Risk Obstetric Care

A high risk pregnancy can dive a lady in a bundle of questions. Is special prenatal care is required? Is the child fine in such conditions?

According to the doctors, if the female has high-risk pregnancy, she or the baby can be at increased risk of various health conditions. They are required to undergo special monitoring or care throughout their pregnancy

What are the major risks involved for a high-risk pregnancy?

Most of the times, the high-risk pregnancy occurs as a result of any medical condition that existed before pregnancy. However, the medical condition developed during the pregnancy causes it to be at  high-risk.

Major factors that contribute to high-risk pregnancy include:

Advanced Maternal Age:

The pregnancy risks are higher for the mothers above 35 years of age.

Lifestyle choices:

Drinking alcohol, smoking, and usage of illegal drugs can cause pregnancy at higher risk.

Maternal problems:

Obesity, high BP, thyroid, heart disorder can cause increase various pregnancy risks.

Pregnancy Complications:

There are a lot of complications that occur during pregnancy that can pose higher risks. It might include an unusual placenta, fetal growth less than 10th percentile for gestational age.

Multiple Pregnancy:

The women carrying more than one fetus can be at high-risk.

What steps should be taken for a healthy pregnancy?

Whether you are at a high-risk of pregnancy or want to do whatever you can to prevent the high-risk, you must stick to the basics.

You must schedule a preconception appointment:

If you are thinking to have a baby, you must consult a health care provider. Your doctor will counsel you to have the required vitamins and reach the desired weight before getting pregnant. If you are suffering from some medical condition, the treatment will be given accordingly.

Seek regular care

It is important to monitor your

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