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Colorectal Cancer Surgery

Colorectal cancer Surgery

Affecting more than 1,40,000 people every year, Colorectal cancer surgery is the third most common cancer in both men and women. It is mostly treated with surgery to remove the tumor, chemotherapy, and radiation. You can consult the best liver transplant doctor in Punjab to cure the problems you are facing.

What are the various terms used in Colorectal cancer surgery?


It is a procedure in which polyps- a small growth on the inner lining of your colon is removed. This happens during a colonoscopy, in which the surgeon puts a special instrument (called a colonoscope) that is put into your bottom to look at the rectum and colon. Most colorectal cancer generally starts as polyps and hence needs to be removed before they become cancerous.

Local Excision:

It can treat cancers in the rectum (which is the lowest portion of the colon). The involvement of removing cancer and some walls of the rectum. This procedure involves either a small cut in the rectum or your surgeon examining your rectum. The procedure does not require major surgery.


It is a procedure of the removal of a part or all of the colon along with cancer and its nearby tissues.

Laparoscopic surgery:

The word “Laparoscopy” is used when the doctor looks inside your abdominal cavity using a special camera or scope. In this, the doctor makes 3 to 6 small cuts in the belly. They insert the laparoscope and its instruments which helps in sending a picture of the organs to a video monitor so that the doctor can see how the procedure is done.

What is Laparoscopic surgery?

The bowel and intestinal surgery can be long and painful. In the 1990’s, the surgeons started using a laparoscope, an instrument that is used to treat any gynaecological problems and gall bladder issues.

What conditions are cured by colorectal surgery?

Colorectal surgeons usually use laparoscopy to treat the following conditions:

  • Crohn’s disease
  • Colon cancers
  • Diverticulitis
  • Familial polyposis
  • Bowel leakage or faecal incontinence
  • Rectal prolapse
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Some rectal cancers

What are the surgery options for colorectal cancer?

Several types of surgery may be used for the treatment of colorectal cancer:

Partial Colectomy:

It is also known as hemicolectomy or segmental resection. The doctor removes the part of the colon and the nearby lymph nodes. Then the remaining parts are joined by the procedure known as anastomosis. In laparoscopic surgery, you may leave the hospital faster than traditional surgery.


During a right colectomy, the surgeon takes out the right side of the patient’s colon. In this procedure, the last segment of the small intestine is removed.

Abdominoperineal resection:

In this procedure, the anal, rectum, and sigmoid are removed. In this, a permanent colostomy is required.


In this, the rectum and the sigmoid colon is removed.

Total abdominal colectomy:

In this treatment, the entire colon is removed. This process is rarely carried out for cancer.

What is liver surgery?

In between 60%-70% of the colon cancer cases, the disease spreads to the liver. Depending on the condition and spreading level of the disease, the tumors can be removed. This can even be combined with chemotherapy and can even shorten the recovery time.

How does a colon surgery patient recover?

In general, the patients recover well. They need to take some medications for the first few days. It is a possibility; that they might not be able to eat for a few days. There are a lot of risks involved including bleeding, infection, and blood clots in the legs.

There may be a possibility of leakage that includes:

  • Severe belly pain
  • Fever
  • Hard belly

What steps should be taken after the surgery?

  • You must keep in touch with the doctor.
  • Other treatments like chemo and other surgeries are involved.

Where can you get colorectal cancer surgery done?

If you are looking for places where you can get colorectal cancer surgery then you can visit Girn Hospital, the best liver treatment clinic in Ludhiana. It has the best liver treatment specialists in Punjab. Consult a liver transplant surgeon in Punjab to know more about the process of treatment.  

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