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FAQs of liver distressed patients who are heading for a liver transplant

FAQs of liver distressed patients who are heading for a liver transplant

It is observed that many of the patients diagnosed with liver problems showed no symptoms. Sometimes the patients are detected with hepatitis C at the stage when it cannot be treated at all. For that, the liver is to be evaluated by expert liver doctors in Punjab. According to the expert surgeons of a  liver hospital in Ludhiana, the patient which experiences any of the following conditions should be screened:


  • If the patient has a medical history in which he has undergone any blood transfusion before 1992.
  • Any sort of the use of intranasal cocaine & injection drugs in the previous time.
  • If the individual has engaged in sexual intercourse with more than one partner.
  • If you or any of your parent ahs born in the following mentioned countries:
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Eastern Europe
  • Mediterranean


  • If in the medical background, the patient was afflicted with arthritis or has undergone any sort of abnormal liver test.
  • If any of the members of the patients’ family has ever suffered from liver disease.


  • When should the patients be referred to a doctor or surgeon who carries out the liver transplantation?

If the patient has developed any of the following liver ailments which have become chronic:

  • Jaundice
  • Ascites
  • Encephalopathy
  • Muscle wasting
  • Gastrointestinal Bleeding
  • Coagulopathy


  • What is the lifespan of patients suffering from liver diseases?

The patients suffering from symptomatic liver diseases customarily do not live more than three and a half years. The patients who are suffering from severe symptoms are observed not to live for more than six months if they have not undergone the liver transplantation procedure.


  • Which is the most intimidating compilation of chronic liver disease?

The patient suffering from the chronic liver disease often faces the complication of bringing forth a malignancy which is known by the name of hepatocellular carcinoma.


  • How should the patients suffering from Cirrhosis be screened?

Patients suffering from the ailment of cirrhosis are often suggested to undergo screening once every six months. The screening should particularly be carried out with the help of Alpha-Fetoprotein & ultrasound.


  • How are tumours treated in variegated situations?

The treatment of the tumour is different based on different situations:


Small cancers are supposed to be eradicated from non-cirrhotic livers. On the other hand, the malignancy about the cirrhotic livers can only be treated with the help of liver transplantation.


  • Which patients should be referred for transplantation procedure?

The patient suffering from the following is often referred to as the transplantation:



  • Those who are suffering from Symptomatic Liver Disease
  • The affliction of the liver because of the perpetual consumption of alcohol. And when this disease is accompanied by Cirrhosis, it needs to be treated.
  • If the liver distressed patient is suffering from Viral Hepatitis along with Cirrhosis
  • When Cirrhosis with liver mass is diagnosed on an imaging study
  • When Cirrhosis is accompanied by either acute or chronic gastrointestinal bleeding
  • If the patients are distressed with Ascites are not responding to diuretics
  • If liver oppression is due to Budd-Chiari Syndrome.





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