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All about Hepatitis B: Important facts, Nature, Causes and Preventions

All about Hepatitis B: Important facts, Nature, Causes and Preventions

Have you ever thought about the adverse consequences of unprotected sex? You can get distressed with Hepatitis B if you are the one who is indulged in unprotected sex with the changing partners. According to the liver doctors in Punjab, “The problem of hepatitis B is most-customarily found among the drug addicts who make use of other syringes and the needles which are contaminated on the regular basis.” If the people around you, whether your neighbours or colleagues do have symptoms or are at risk of getting oppressed with the problem, then do suggest them to visit the Liver hospital in Ludhiana for diagnosis.

Facts you should know

  • It can be transmitted through intercourse.

  • Pregnant mothers can pass it on to their children.

  • If it is acute, then you may not be requiring the treatment.

  • By crafting tattoos on your body from legally unauthorised parlours can put you at the risk of getting afflicted with the problem of Hepatitis B.

What is the nature of Hepatitis B?

Hepatitis B is caused by a virus that can enter your body if you are a regular user of the contaminated needles or syringes or get your body tattooed each time.

Which are the causes of Hepatitis B?

Hepatitis B can come into existence owing to the following reasons:

  • Sex

Any type of sex which is mentioned below can become a reason for Hepatitis B:

  • Oral Sex

  • Vaginal sex

  • Anal Sex

If you are regularly changing your sex partners and is engaging in unprotected sex, then you are at high risk of getting afflicted with this problem.

As preventive measures, you can take the following into account:

  • If you are practising sex, then you should never it in an unprotected way.

  • If you use the sex toys, make sure you clean them by following ll the hygiene measures after each use.

  • You can ask the medical status of your sex partner to get assured that you are not suffering from the problem.

  • In case you feel that your liver has got affected, consult the liver doctor immediately so that you can get vaccinated on time.

  • Vitiated needles

First of all, it is relevant to mention here that do not use the already used toothbrush or razor blade at any cost, because it can make you suffer from the problem.

  • You can get it prevented by following the subsequent measures:

  • If you want to get tattooed then opt up for any licensed and professional parlours.

  • Do not use the razor blades of your roommate, sibling or friend because it can contribute to infecting you with the blood that may be present on the razor.

  • If in any situation, you feel that you have done something contrary to the preventive measures, immediately consult with the doctor.

  • By birth

If the pregnancy is positive for Hepatitis B, then definitely the virus can get passed to the child’s well.

The adverse complications can be prevented if the infant who gets affected by this disease gets vaccination on time.


In case, you observe symptoms of Hepatitis B, then instantaneously consult the doctors, because affliction of this disease is neither good for you nor the people in your surrounding.


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