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Liver transplant – Reason to take up & Variations and inclusions in the cost

Liver transplant - Reason to take up & Variations and inclusions in the cost

We all know that the liver is considered the hero of our body which saves our body from the threat of intimidating infections and provoking diseases. the liver is administered to perform the critical functions of the body. if the liver would not have been, no organ of the body could function at its best. For this reason, all the liver doctors in Punjab suggest undergoing regular screenings and tests from the best liver hospital in Ludhiana. So today we’re going to discuss the much-searched keyword on google and the cost of a liver transplant.

When do doctors decide that a Liver transplant is the last resort?

When the liver stops functioning at its best, then it is only remediable if it is diagnosed at the first stage. Many patients approach the doctors, when their liver can perform only 5 to 20 per cent functions and 80 to 90 % of the liver is deteriorated owing to any possible cause like excessive smoking, drinking, salt and sugar. In those cases, doctors cannot cure the liver with medications and therapies. The last option which is left by which performance of the liver functions is not affected and is a liver transplant.

There are predominantly three kinds of a liver transplant.

  • Orthotopic

  • Living donor transplant

  • Split donor

How much does it cost to take up a Liver transplant?

The minimum price of the treatment for the liver transplant is 12 lakh which can be extended easily to 35 lakh if you are choosing a hospital that is offering you the super deluxe facilities.

What is included in the cost of the whole procedure of the liver transplant?

The cost of the liver transplant do include the following items:

  • Charges of several laboratory tests

  • Cost of anaesthesia

  • The fee of a surgeon who has carried out the surgery

  • Cost to operate the patients

  • Transportation charges

  • Stay of the patient in the hospital until he is fully recovered

  • Cost for the arrangement of the food for the attendants

  • Cost induced to use the anti-rejection drugs

  • Charges to carry out the additional therapeutic procedures.

Is the cost of liver transplant different in variegated countries?

No, the cost of a liver transplant is not the same in all countries. It is different based on the advancement of the technique used whilst the procedure. Like in India the price range of the treatment is nearly 13 to 25 lakhs. But If we talk about South Africa, the cost starts from 18 lakh and ends far beyond the range of India and that is 35 lakh.

Liver Transplant at our hospital

As we know there are so many procedures that are used worldwide to execute liver transplantation with ultimate preciseness. But we would recommend ourselves because we do have all the needed staff not particularly for carrying out the surgery but the nutritionist who plays a quintessential role in making an appropriate diet plan for you. Besides, the technology which we use to treat our patients is of modified and advanced version.


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