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Liver transplant – When to take up? Which are the types of the method?

Liver transplant - When to take up? Which are the types of the method?

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The liver is considered one of the influential organs of our body. No doubt, the size of the organ is quintessentially small but it is accountable for carrying out the supreme functions of the body. It is located underneath the diaphragm precisely on the right side of the abdominal cavity.

Functions performed by the liver:

The liver is supremely responsible for carrying out the following functions:

  • It builds up the proteins which are much needed by the body.
  • It aims at containing the nutrients which are likely to undergo the shortage in the future. So the containment of the nutrients helps to cope up with future scarcity.
  • It builds up the bile juice which is critical for carrying out the digestion of the food.
  • It aids in metabolizing the food which is carried out by fragmenting the nutrients from the food and use them in the rendering of body functions whenever required.
  • Only the liver is the organ in our body that can fight the infections and symptoms of the diseases that are trying to make their space in the body.
  • After the intake of medications whether prescribed or non-prescribed. The by-products are sure to be left within our body which are needed to be terminated from the body at the earliest.

When do the doctors suggest relying on the liver transplant?

Owing to variegated causes, the liver can stop functioning appropriately and particularly in the right manner. Whenever the failure of the liver reaches the end stage which cannot be treated with medications or any other kind of invasive procedure than the liver transplant plant. So in those particular cases, the doctor ends up recommending liver transplantation because the patient cannot live his life with the malfunctioning liver.

Is there any alternative for liver transplantation?

On detecting the intensity of the liver problem, if the surgeons deem it fine to carry out the liver cirrhosis technique then it would be taken into account. Liver cirrhosis is a treatment technique in which the scarred and deteriorated tissues of the liver are substituted with the healthy tissues.

Which are the different types of liver transplant?

Following are the chief categories of liver transplant:

  • Orthotopic liver transplant

This kind of liver transplant incorporates the use of the liver of a lamented donor who has deliberately consented to make use of his liver as the donor or is it more precise to say a saviour-liver.

  • A living donor transplant

A potential reader might be thinking that hearing kidney transplant in the context of the living donor transplants seems relevant and logical because they are two in number. How is it possible to carry out the live transplantation as the human body does have only 1 liver? When we are talking about the living donor transplant then a lobe of the liver of an alive person is donated.

  • Split type of live transplant

When the lamented donor has consented to help two patients with his liver, then it is only possible if one of the patients is a child while another is an adult. Because the children require the left lobe and adults need the right lobe to function.


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