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What are the variegated reasons and symptoms of bile duct obstruction?


The liver is a quintessential organ of our body. Owing to certain conditions, malfunctioning can be observed in the liver. But that should not be neglected at any cost. One should deliberate with the liver doctors in Punjab.  If after undergoing the variegated tests you are found diagnosed with the liver that can not be cured and that too has to be replaced, then you should get yourself treated at a reputable liver hospital in Punjab. 

  • What is the implication of bile duct obstruction? 

Bile duct obstruction is associated with the hindrance in either the bile ducts or tubes. These ducts and tubers are accountable for carrying the bile juice to the following:

  • The gallbladder
  • The Small Intestine
  • Which is the functioning and importance of bile? 

Bile is actually a liquid or a fluid. It is discharged from the liver. It is supposed to incorporate the following:

  • Bile Salts
  • Cholesterol
  • Bilirubin

Bile salts are accountable for the digestion of fats. Bile is customarily withdrawn from the liver and contained in the bladder. This modus operandi is usually supported by the tubes which are known as bile ducts. Afterward, it is supposed to be discharged into the small intestine. This portion of the process highly aids in the digestion process.

  • What does hindrance in bile ducts supposed to do? 

The hindrance in the bile ducts is the major reason for the contamination of bile juice in the liver. It is the main reason behind the alleviation of bilirubin levels in blood.

  • What are the sundry causes of bile duct hindrance? 

Bile duct obstruction is caused owing to the ensuing factors:

  • If there is a formation of stones in the gallbladder.
  • Once in a while, cysts also occur in the ducts.
  • If one is experiencing perpetual inflammation or burning sensations from the bile ducts, you are highly advised to take it as a sign to go to a doctor.
  • If there is an overgrowth in the nodes of lymph in porta hepatis.
  • If one is afflicted with a pancreatic tumor and that too has expanded to the biliary system.
  • Immune System weakening infection is one of the indications.
  • What are customary symptoms that are actually signs that you should get yourself tested for the same?

 Ensuing symptoms or signs indicate that a doctor is to be deliberated:

  • If there is pain in the upper right side of the abdomen.
  • If the color of urine is appearing slightly darker.
  • If you are ever afflicted with either Jaundice or fever.

One final word

Apart from that, get each quintessential test done like that of Abdominal ultrasound, Abdominal CT scan, MRCP, ERCP, and PTCA.


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