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What are the different factors which the liver transplant patient caretaker needs to follow?


Liver transplantation comes under the category of one of the most body affecting surgeries. It is a fact that a patient is discharged after a fortnight (2 weeks) from the hospital but this fact can not be ignored that the patient is not so strong enough to handle everything by himself. But the patient’s caretaker or family by themselves need to take care of certain things. Liver hospital in Ludhiana takes care of the patient in the following ways:

 First and foremost, the patient is given special care after the surgery.

Pain relievers are given time which helps to cope up with the pain.

The liver is not put into the functioning stage just after the surgery. Initially, some tubes are inserted in the patient’s stomach to provide him with the necessary nutrients and fluids. After the patient has gone through initial care.

 What are your responsibilities as a caretaker?

Follow up visits

It is very mandatory to make patients visit the hospital at least once or twice a week. If the patient is not diagnosed by the doctor, he or she will not be able to recover at that rate. Because it is the concern of the Liver which is the most crucial part of one’s body, it should not be taken lightly.

 Make a list of all the items

The doctor may prescribe you to use certain things that you should not avoid. Be very sure to make a list of these items, so that you do not give any of them a miss.

 Make a time table of everything

One must schedule every concern of the patient’s care. Scheduling will help you to grab the advantage of keeping the patient’s food habits and medications on time.

 Take care of their food habits

The liver is accountable for helping in the digestion of all the food items. The caretakers need to give the patient that kind of food that the patient’s liver does not find hard to digest.

 Physical Support with Emotional Support

The patient going through the recovery period may have inoculated many negative values in this mind. These negative values may be regarding feeling helpless or not able to do anything on their own. In those situations, patients need more and more physical and emotional support.


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