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Why is the liver considered as a nutrient-dense superfood to benefit your overall health?



There are not many food options which can come under the category of superfood. The liver is one of the nutritional powerhouses and it is loaded with protein, contains essential minerals & vitamins, and low in calories. If you want to understand better about your liver health, then make sure to visit the best liver hospital in Ludhiana.

What is the liver?

The liver is one of the vital organs in humans and one of the largest internal organs. Most importantly, it performs different functions which include:

  • Helps in the storage of iron, vitamins, glucose, and important nutrients
  • Helps to filter and cleanse the drugs & toxins from the blood.
  • Helps to process the digested food from the gut.

The liver surpasses the fruits and vegetables in terms of essential nutrients. Just a small amount of the liver is going to offer essential nutrients and it is filled with essential protein and calories.


Liver Is a Great Source of Several Nutrients

The nutritional profile of the liver is exceptional and it comes with various nutritional levels like:

  • Vitamin A

Vitamin A is considered important to make the vision normal, improve the immune system, and benefit the reproductive system. Additionally, it helps the organs like the kidneys and heart to function properly.

  • Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is important in red blood cell formation and helps the brain to function like normal.

  • Folate

Folate is an important nutrient that helps in the formation of DNA and helps in the growth of the cells.

  • Iron

Iron is an essential nutrient that helps the oxygen to reach all the body parts in the right amount.


Liver Provides High-Quality Protein

Protein is important for the body parts and the betterment of your life. It helps to make and repair the cells and helps the food to turn into energy. It is a high-quality protein that will benefit the body.

Amino acids are the building blocks that help to make the protein and properly manage the body. If your body has a high protein intake then it helps in weight loss, reduces hunger, helps your appetite, and many other benefits.

Also, it is going to increase the metabolic rate or the total amount of calories which is going to be used by the body to function like normal.


Get expert advice from the experienced doctors

The experienced liver doctor will check what is the problem, by diagnosing your condition, ask you different questions, and accordingly suggest the suitable changes which are needed to make to benefit your health. If you are a suitable candidate for the liver transplant then you will be given the treatment plan accordingly.


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