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Ascites: What are its causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options?

All about ascites problem

Ascites (build-up of fluid in the abdomen)
Ascites are becoming a common problem in which fluid starts developing in the abdomen area. This medical condition is the reaction to another health issue. When the liver is not working then this problem is caused. One of the research has shown that the 2-year survival rate of patients with ascites is 50%. You need to visit the best Liver Hospital in Punjab to get the right treatment plan for this condition. If you suspect any problem with your liver or gastro health, then visit Girn Hospital. We have the best team of hepatologists and Gastro doctor in Ludhiana.

What are the causes of ascites?
As we have mentioned above the problem is caused due to liver scarring. You might hear your doctor calling it by the name of cirrhosis. The scarring is a major problem as it starts building pressure inside the blood vessels present in the liver. As the pressure keeps on increasing the abdominal cavity is impacted which increases the risk of having ascites.

What are the symptoms of ascites?
Just like with most health conditions, the symptoms can trigger right away or it will take time. The reason behind the fluid buildup will depend on what symptoms you will have. Although, here are some of the key symptoms which point that you need medical assistance:
Abdominal pain
Vomiting and nausea
Problem breathing as you lay down
Swollen abdomen
Weight gain, suddenly
Bear in mind, the symptoms might be due to another health issue. It’s better that you consult the doctor to understand what is the reason for your condition.

What are the risk factors of ascites?
Liver problem is the reason ascites condition is triggered. So, let’s here point to the factors which lead to liver damage like excess alcohol consumption (even in the past), cirrhosis, hepatitis C, or B. Apart from these, other conditions which can increase the risk factor are:
Hypothyroidism (Underactive thyroid)
Tuberculosis (Serious Infectious Disease)
Pancreatitis (Pancreas inflammation)
Heart or kidney failure
Cancer of ovaries, liver, endometrial, or pancreatic

How is the ascites condition diagnosed?
Well! Different methods are used to diagnose whether you have ascites or not. Various imaging methods or tests are done to better point out the condition and it is done through the:
CT scan
Blood tests

What are the treatment options for ascites?
One of the most effective methods to treat ascites. The medications will limit the water and salt amount in the body which will reduce the pressure on the liver veins. You need to limit your salt intake and avoid alcohol.
Paracentesis is the procedure used for patients with severe conditions; as the above-mentioned is not effective for the patients who get diagnosed in late-stage cases. During this procedure, the excess fluid is removed. With this, there is a risk of infection so antibiotics are prescribed.
For extreme cases, surgical options are best. In case, your body is not responding to the treatment then a liver transplant is suggested.

Is it possible to prevent ascites?
NO! Although, you can opt for certain lifestyle habits to reduce the risk like:
Alcohol consumption should be moderate
Do not share needles
Understand what side-effects medications can leave
Get the hepatitis B vaccination
Practice safe sex
If you suspect you have this condition, then schedule your initial consultation with our doctor today only.


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