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How Important Is The Liver For Us? What Are The Causes For Its Malfunctioning?

Causes Of The Liver Malfunctioning GIRn

Your liver is the predominant organ that performs a lot of the functions that are required to keep you up in a healthy state. According to the famous gastro doctor in Ludhiana, “Without the liver, the body will not be able to derive the benefits of the nutrients obtained from the food as the liver is accountable for converting the nutrients into the chemicals which are needed by your body.” This is the main reason that we always suggest the readers to regularly visit the Liver hospitals in Punjab for a regular check-up.

Liver Infections:

The Biggest Cause For The Disturbed Functioning

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis C

This is the kind of infection that you have gotten after consuming something tainted by faecal matter.

Do not worry, it will not bother you with the long term consequences. It fades away after 6 months.

You get this infection from others, like after engaging in unprotected sex or sharing contaminated needles.

In case you are afflicted with this infection, consult the doctor at your earliest as it turns out cancerous if it is allowed to get extended after the 6 months.

This comes from the infected blood which has somehow entered your bloodstream. You may get it in case you are a healthcare worker or have shared the contaminated needle.

The symptoms of this variety of liver infections do not show up for many and many years. A regular check-up may save you from the aggravated stages.

Immunity Problems:

Considerable Effect Causing Problems

Autoimmune Hepatitis

Primary Biliary Cholangitis

Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis

If you are experiencing a burning sensation, then autoimmune hepatitis is the cause as it is supposed to inflame the liver.

This disorder usually affects the bile ducts which help make the food digested.

Do you know?

Women are more likely to experience this as compared to men.

This problem does not only scar the bile ducts but also block them. When the bile keeps on getting built then it becomes quintessentially hard for your liver to function.

Do you know?

This is usually found in men as compared to women.

Malignancies – Difficult To Cure

The cancers or the tumours in the livers are usually experienced when cancer-causing cells have progressed from the region of the origin.

Liver Cancer

Bile Duct Cancer

This is known as hepatocellular carcinoma, which affects women more than men. The people who are having a black complexion, are more prone to experience this problem as compared to the blacks.

The tubes which are responsible for transferring the bile from the liver to the small intestine get affected by the tumour causing cells. This cancer is more commonly suffered by folks who are above 50 years of age.

Get Regularly Checked!

To avoid getting aggravated with adverse liver conditions, you are suggested to visit the liver hospital for regular check-up sessions. This will ensure that your liver is healthy. And if any mild condition will come into account, then it could be nipped in the beginning.


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