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Everything you should know the relation between COVID-19 and Liver Disease

Everything you should know the relation between COVID-19 and Liver Disease

Does COVID-19 damage the liver?

Due to COVID-19, many patients have been hospitalized and there is an increased level of liver enzymes. When the enzyme level increases in the body, the liver is affected temporarily. People with cirrhosis are at higher risk of getting COVID-19. In case, someone has a pre-existing liver disease or problem and they are diagnosed with COVID-19 then in them the risk of death is higher.

Do people with hepatitis C and hepatitis B have a higher risk of getting illness?

No matter what your age and if you have underlying problems like the ones related to the liver then your chances to have a severe problem due to COVID-19 will increase. Controlling your medical condition is important so you should start the treatment for Hepatitis B and C.

Are hepatocellular carcinoma patients at increased risk of getting severe COVID-19?

Patients diagnosed with hepatocellular carcinoma which occurs due to chronic liver problems like Hepatitis B and hepatic C are at increased risk of getting COVID-19 with severe stage. Due to cancer, the patient’s immune system will become weak and they are at increased risk of getting an infection.

Is there still a risk of hepatitis A due to COVID in patients who have got that in the past?

With studies, it is clear that there is still an increase in getting Hepatitis A due to COVID-19. The patients need to take the necessary measures for their safety like wearing the mask, stay away from people at least 6 feet, do not go to a poorly ventilated space, and wash their hands often. Make sure that you talk to the health care provider and understand what measures you need to take.

What should patients with Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C do?

Most important thing is to avoid exposure and take all the preventive measures so that the underlying condition is addressed. You should get yourself vaccinated against the COVID-19. Despite, getting the vaccination you still need to:

  • Wear a mask

  • Avoid crowded areas

  • Sanitize your hands

  • Stay away from people infected with COVID-19

  • Cover your hands and mouth while sneezing & coughing

Make sure that you keep your immune system healthy and it will make a difference in your overall health.

What should I do if I think I am suspected of COVID-19?

You need to call the healthcare provider right away when you notice the symptoms. In case you have met someone who has had COVID-19, make sure to get yourself tested. Discuss with the doctor what you need to do and how you can reduce the spread of this deadly virus.

What can people with chronic liver problems do to protect themselves from COVID-19?

Following preventive measures are important so that you do not get sick. Along with that, you should take your Hepatitis B and C medications on time. Make sure that you keep medications at home so that you do not have to go outside again and again.

Also, make sure that you talk to the doctor about what vaccination you need to take.

You need to avoid the consumption of alcohol and smoking. Till the time, everything does not come back to normal, it is better that you avoid going out and do not visit the places with a crowd.

Are antivirals effective for treating hepatitis B and C can be used for COVID-19?

At present, no research tells that hepatitis medication can be useful for addressing the symptoms of COVID-19. Make sure that you consult the doctor on which medication is best suited for your condition. You should not take any medication unless your doctor has suggested it to you.

If you are worried about your liver health, then book your initial consultation with our health expert at the earliest.


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