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Pancreatitis: A patient’s story to the first pancreatitis complications

_ Pancreatitis A patient’s story to the first pancreatitis complications

In this blog, we will share with you a patient’s story about the pancreatitis complications he had. During the initial consultation, at our Liver Hospital in Ludhiana, he was informed in detail on what he should do, don’t, and how it can be treated. We also want to enlighten you with the fact that Gastrointestinal Surgery in Punjab is needed in the case when the problem is extremely severe or nothing is helping the patients.

Now, Let’s see what the patient has shared about his pancreatitis complications

Initial Pancreatitis Complications

Hi! Myself Rohan

Initially, I faced pancreatitis complications in 2005, when I just had lunch. The pain was so severe that I was not able to move. When I consulted the doctor I came to know that I had faced an episode of acute pancreatitis. After this, the problem was there for around 2 years. Later, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Although, the doctor suggested lifestyle changes that helped me with my condition.

In 2009, I started having digestive issues along with weight loss and oily stools. After some time, when my symptoms were checked again I was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis symptoms. With time, I started gaining weight but my digestive symptoms always made things difficult for me.

Treatment for Pancreatitis

My digestive issues were getting out of control and with the doctor’s help, I started to manage the disease. Back in 2019, I was diagnosed with EPI which made it difficult for my pancreas to function properly. All thanks to the doctor, everything was much easier, and understood the right dosage required for the symptoms. When both the problems combined – Diabetes and Pancreatitis it made things worse. I came to know that diabetes I had was linked to the digestive issue.

Severe Pancreatitis Complications

Last year, I had a bone density test and the results were not at all fine. The results were so low that I was not able to believe how I was able to walk all this time. I got another test and it confirmed that I have osteoporosis.

Now, I need to get a semi-annual test to make sure my vitamin levels are right for fat absorption and keep a check on osteoporosis. With the right kind of disease management offered by the doctor, everything was much easier for me.

What I have understood on my journey of pancreatitis complications?

Pancreatitis is a progressive problem, but managing the symptoms on time can avoid the complications. Make sure that you consult the doctor from time to time so that the problem can be prevented from increasing at the right stage. In case, you notice pain that is making things difficult for you, then take immediate action as it is about your overall well-being.

Final thought

Take the best care of yourself under the guidance of a health expert. Do not neglect any unwanted symptoms and prompt action can prevent a health problem from getting worse.


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