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What is GERD? How TIF is the best option for GERD and how it is done?

What is GERD How TIF is the best option for GERD and how it is done

Have you ever had a burning sensation, chest pain below the breast bone along with constant burping? It is not a joyful sight to be in. You might hear this problem from the doctors as heartburn.

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) patients have to go through discomfort and pain. If you have experienced chest pressure along with acidic pain which comes from GERD. In such a case, you can easily deal with the issue by undergoing a medical procedure, which provides you lifetime relief. TIF is a non-surgical procedure that can be beneficial for patients with GERD and after that, you do not have to take the medications.

How is TIF beneficial for GERD problems?

TIF stands for Transoral incisionless fundoplication. It is a non-surgical and endoscopic method. During the procedure, the doctor starts through the mouth and inserts the tube/scope which has a camera attached to it, and looks into the stomach area.

Undergoing the procedure just one time will provide you with long-term relief from heartburn or acid reflux which is most commonly seen in GERD patients.

So, if you are scared about the surgical procedure or do not want to get an external incision, the TIF is the suitable approach for you. The entire procedure is carried through the mouth and then the doctor will work inside the stomach and esophagus. All in all this procedure will:

  • Reduce pain
  • Provide quicker recovery
  • Better results.

Is an endoscope the same as a laparoscope?

Both endoscopy and laparoscopy are different technologies.

  • An endoscope is used by the gastroenterologist which provides the treatment for the GI tract. Through this, the inside of the structure is looked at properly like the stomach and esophagus. The end top is a flexible tube that has a camera attached to the bottom and then it is inserted into the mouth.
  • The only similarity between these 2 is what is seen inside the body. To use the laparoscope, the doctor will make a hole in the abdominal wall and then look through the organs like the esophagus from the outer side but the abdominal cavity is not checked. Laparoscopes are straight and not flexible. It comes under the category of traditional surgery because there is a need to make the incision.

How is the TIF procedure carried out?

Here are the different steps which are conducted during the TIF procedure:

  • First of all, you will be given anesthesia, to make you fall asleep.
  • The endoscopic doctor will insert the endoscope through TIF into the mouth, which goes down to the throat, then the esophagus, and stomach.
  • Once it reaches the stomach, the doctor will flip the endoscope to check the stomach and esophagus opening.
  • With the TIF device, the bottom of the esophagus is grabbed, it is taken down and wrapped around the stomach area at 270 degrees.
  • From the above step, a new valve is created which is secured with nylon fasteners. Also, it will be there in the body.
  • Once everything is done, the endoscope and TIF device are taken out.

In total, it takes around 1 hour and it is simple to perform. The patient is allowed to go back home on the same day.

What can you expect after the procedure?

  • Once the procedure is done, you need to take the prescribed medication for 2 to 3 days.
  • Take only clear fluids for the first day and the first week, follow a liquid diet.
  • Gradually, you can shift to thicker liquids and soft food.
  • You need to avoid following a heavy workout regime for the first few weeks after surgery. By the 5th week, you can modify the activities you do.

Is TIF a cost-effective procedure?

Just think when you can get lifetime relief from a single procedure, then why bother yourself every day to take medications. The TIF procedure will cost you money, but just for one-time use and you do not have to live with GERD for your entire life. All in all, TIF for GERD is the most beneficial and non-surgical which you should consider. To get relief on time, book your initial consultation with our medical expert today only!


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